Marbelous is a sandbox marble run game where you draw colored shapes that deflect the marble and create sounds and music.

Click and drag: draw shape (you can get triangles, circles and sometimes askew rectangles)
Right click: delete shape
Escape: back to main menu

Sandbox mod
e: draw shapes to deflect the marble and make music!
Puzzle mode: the marble needs to grab the little music notes and get to the goal (weird circle thingy). Draw shapes to deflect the marble and guide it through the level. Watch out for the spiky red obstacles!

Team Boson
CaptainProton42: programming
rugvedkhandekar: game design
Underpul: graphics
CawawaC: sound design


Marbelous.x86_64 47 MB
Marbelous 20 MB
marbelous.exe 41 MB


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This game is so nice ! Un super jouet !


cool game!